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What is the Biomarker Factory?
The Biomarker Factory, jointly founded and co-owned by Duke Medical Strategies, an affiliate of Duke University, and Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp), is comprised of a  Board of Managers and a Steering Committee. The combination of leadership from Duke and LabCorp promotes the identification and funding of unique proposals that connect the discovery of biomarkers with their utilities in clinical practice.

What is the vision of the Biomarker Factory?
The vision of the Biomarker Factory is to bring biomarker discoveries to clinical practice by the identification of biomarkers that address medical needs, and the development, and commercialization of diagnostic tests that have a significant impact in healthcare decisions for physicians and their patients.

What resources does the Biomarker Factory provide?
The Biomarker Factory provides funding for research projects in translational medicine in diagnostics.  The Biomarker Factory also provides domain expertise in the areas of: experimental designs in diagnostic studies, biospecimens (including potential access to the MURDOCK longitudinal health study collection), assay development, clinical research, and clinical practice.  All research is conducted at the funded institution (the Biomarker Factory does not provide laboratory or clinical services). /></a><br /><strong><br /><a name=

Who is eligible for Biomarker Factory funding?
Proposals for funding are accepted from academic institutions, non-profit agencies, and from for-profit company sources.

What types of projects are funded by the Biomarker Factory?

The Biomarker Factory provides funding for translational medicine projects that bring biomarkers to clinical practice.  The areas of interest include disease diagnosis, and prognostic, predictive, and companion diagnostics for personalized medicine. All stages of biomarker research and development, from biomarker identification to assay development to validation, will be considered.  The Biomarker Factory is seeking high quality proposals in translational medicine and, as such, projects that identify or validate biomarkers in clinical materials are highly preferred.  All areas of medicine are considered. 

Is the Biomarker Factory a non-profit granting agency?
No, the Biomarker Factory is a for-profit limited liability company.  Research funded by the Biomarker Factory is conducted under a sponsored research agreement.  Funded projects are goal oriented and actively managed by professional project managers.

What is the amount of funding available from the Biomarker Factory?

There is not a fixed level of funding for projects.  Typically, funding covers all project costs for a period of one to two years.

Who owns the Intellectual Property for Biomarker Factory funded projects?
If there is prior intellectual property (IP), the Biomarker Factory will have the option to license the pre-existing IP related to the funded project.  If an invention is made arising from a Biomarker Factory funded project, the Biomarker Factory will be granted an option to license the intellectual property for the invention.

Can I publish discoveries made from Biomarker Factory funding?
Yes, publications and presentations are highly encouraged.  It is important to protect the intellectual property, and there is a waiting period to review any disclosures before presentation or publication to give time to file patents if needed.

Does LabCorp have rights to Intellectual Property licensed by the Biomarker Factory?
Yes, LabCorp has a first option to license inventions owned by or licensed to the Biomarker Factory with regard to Biomarker Factory funded projects.

Does LabCorp have the ability to commercialize Biomarker Factory funded inventions?

Yes, LabCorp is one of the largest clinical diagnostic laboratories in the world.  LabCorp also has a global network of labs for clinical trials.

How do I submit a proposal to the Biomarker Factory?
First read through these FAQs, then begin the process by submitting a Biomarker Factory Project Concept Submission Form.

How do I contact the Biomarker Factory I have additional questions?
You may contact us by email or by phone at (919)474-4330.